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Photography Presets for Lightroom

Lightroom is the industry standard photo editing app for Mac, PC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Android. Along with manual photo editing ability, you can install pre-made Presets that have immediate effect on your images in one-click. These are the presets that are for sale on this website.

On a computer, Lightroom is available from

On a mobile or tablet, you can get Lightroom from the App Store on your device.

Yes, however as the nature of RAW files is a little "flatter" in colour, and different brands of cameras process images in different ways, you'll experience some variation between the two, but ultimately these presets will work great on both styles of image.

Once you've unzipped the download, there's a text file with all the instructions you will need to get going in no time.

As with all filters for Lightroom, the effect this filter will have on your images will vary based on camera, shooting RAW vs JPG, your exposure and your white balance.

After applying the filter, if you feel it's not quite how you like it, my suggestion is to start playing with the Exposure, and then white balance, and then Shadows and Highlights. Most times this is all you need to tweak to get the perfect look. All photos are different so these tweaks are essential, but very quick.

Some of my early presets are not yet converted to Mobile versions yet. I'm working on this.  For all other presets available on the site:

UNZIP MY FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Then simply drop the DNG file in to your Dropbox or similar cloud storage on your computer. If you don't use cloud storage, you can always AirDrop them if you have a mac, or even email them to yourself. Then open your mobile Lightroom app, and add the DNG file from where you saved them. Once the DNG file is in your library, you click Copy Settings from my photo, and apply it on to yours. The preset is now saved in your Lightroom, and you can create a Preset and name it to re-use it over and over on all your images.

For some reason, Adobe Lightroom for Desktop and Mobile do not have interchangeable preset files. So we have included BOTH file times in all preset packs. But ultimately the mobile and desktop presets are identical so you can work between both without any noticeable difference.

LUTs for Video Editing

LUT stands for Look Up Table and it basically has a reference colour for every colour in the spectrum. Then every time the LUT sees a specific hue of colour it will replace it with the preset colour and give your video a certain look and feel. Using a LUT enables your standard footage to take on a style of it's own or look like it's shot with a film camera etc.

Every video editor app has a different way to install LUTs.

The best way to find out how to install a LUT is to search "How to install a LUT" and the name of your preferred video editing software. You'll find everything you need on YouTube.

On iPhone you can use a paid app called: Video LUT, to apply these video presets and add further tweaks. This is ideal if you shoot and edit all your content on iPhone or iPad.